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Anthony Albanese gets Covid like an idiot

Anthony Albanese Covid

Anthony Albanese

Anthony Albanese gets Covid like an idiot

The wanna be PM has selfishly caught covid in the second week of the election. This just shows he isn’t fit to be prime minister. This is the day after Albo lost the debate where Scomo was the clear winner. I doubt it’s even covid it’s probably just his bleeding left heart.

Anthony announced his Covid result on his Twitter page “In the words of the great Mudhoney ‘Here Comes Sickness'”

Our great Scomo hasn’t had covid at an important time like this, our great Scomo would never do something so selfish and careless.

The question has to be asked, If you can’t protect yourself from covid how can you protect the country? These are very scary times indeed.

On a positive note we can follow our great Scomo around on his campaign trial and bring you nothing but positive news about our great Scomo. It’s going to be a great week!

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