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A Federal ICAC is Un-Australian



A Federal ICAC is Un-Australian

The leftists are trying to destroy this country with a nanny-state ICAC. An Independent Commission Against Corruption, what an arrogant bunch of people they are. Let me say this, Australia has been corrupt since Captain Cook landed on this great land, and there’s nothing wrong with it. We’re a nation of corrupt larrikins and that’s who we are. If a federal ICAC comes in then we will never again have another Ned Kelly, Chopper Read or even Cold Chisel.

Australians like making money, some more than others. Some Australians are lazy and some are ambitious. Why should we punish the ambitious ones? If you really look at the books everything would fall under corruption, even crossing the road not at the crossing is a form of corruption. It’s time we let go of finger pointing and virtue singling and we just allow the strong to survive. If you can’t step up and adapt to corruption then there’s no room in your court for your shoes.

The lovely, great, fantastic, amazing, perfect Gladys Berejiklian was forced to step down from her role as Premiere Pro of New South Wales. Why do you ask? Because all she did was try to make a little more money and was nice to her boyfriend. Is that where we Australians are now? Not allowing our public servants to earn more money than they should? Not allowing our public servants to give their partners gifts? Shame. Shame on the ICAC, Well I sure won’t accept an ICAC. The only ICAC I will accept is ICan-Allow-Corruption and I think we all should.

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