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Leftists are stocking up on RATs to make the government look bad

Sold out Rapid AntiGEN TESTS


Leftists are stocking up on RATs to make the government look bad

All around the country leftists are flocking to pharmacies and chemists to buy up rapid antigen tests. They stock them up in their cafe latte ridden homes to make it look like our great Scomo didn’t order enough. Well, just how much can the great Scomo order? There have been reports one bleeding heart Paul Kelly fan purchased 4 from one chemist but went to 5 different chemists to buy more. That’s 20 rapid antigen tests for one person! Disgusting.

Leftists do this stuff all the time. When unemployment was at its worst it was because of leftists quitting their jobs. We know for a fact here at that Scomo has ordered 100 for each Australian living in a safe liberal seat and out of the kindness of his heart he’s even sent a few to non-liberal party seats that’s just how kind our great Scomo is, he’s a Prime Minister for all Australians! Unlike Kevin Rudd who was a Prime Minister for China and The Internet.

We know you’re doing a great job, Scomo. Keep up the good work. Don’t worry about those malnourished vegan leftists tear jerkers trying to bring you down.

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