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The ABC is a stupid waste of money

Poor ABC

What Scomo should do

The ABC is a stupid waste of money

The ABC is stupid and it’s a waste of taxpayers money. Why should tax payers have to fund this crap? It should be sold to private trustworthy companies like News Corp or Fox Corporation. The quality of the shows are dismal and have the same leftist dirt-loving hippies on almost every show.

The worst show of all is Play School, it’s not even a school! It’s just a bunch of leftists pretending to be kids singing stupid songs about talking to people and looking at nature. Boring! grow up.

It should be sold, there hasn’t been a strong enough Prime Minister in Australia to do so. Our great Scomo is trying to do his best but is distracted by Labor’s Covid mess and The Greens mess with the rapid anti-gen supplies. Labor and The Greens have done nothing to help with the number of Covid cases nor have they helped with the supply of rapid anti-gen supplies they just sit on the sidelines and criticise. Well, they should get up and have a go! You have a go you get a go!

Even their streaming service is dated, iView. Hello! 2007 called and they want their iPod back! It’s 2022 no one uses the iShit for their products except for Apple. It should be called ViewPlus.

Once Labor and The Greens stop carrying on with their tantrums about nouns and doing words we can finally save the taxpayers grief by selling ABC to News Corps and we can see a quality 24-hour news channel like Fox News right here in Australia. And then finally we can then get rid of Medicare, I mean why should you pay for someone else’s health?

Scomo, you’ve got the power. Do it already!

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