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Does Anthony Albanese hate lamingtons?

Anthony Albanese Lamington

Anthony Albanese

Does Anthony Albanese hate lamingtons?

Out of the plethora of images of Anthony Albanese cooking food there’s not one where he is cooking a lamington. This is alarming as it’s our national icon cake. Can we really trust the man who wants to be Prime Minister if he doesn’t eat a lamington on regular basis? I think not.

Not like our great Scomo who brought a lump of lamington into parliament that time, that gave a smile to every Australian when they saw that. Except for The Greens, they complained it wasn’t vegan or the flakes came from an unethical source or some crap like that.

Does Anthony even like meat pies? What other Australian icon does he hate? We can’t afford to find out. If Anthony becomes Prime Minister he could destroy the entire lamington industry which would bring our country down to the knees and we will bow down to China. We will eating biscuits with shapes in them like that movie ‘Squid Game’.

Not on my watchdog, I’ll stand by the lamington for all Australians.

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