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How good are images of Scomo cooking?

Scomo Curry


How good are images of Scomo cooking?

Not only is Scott Morrison (Scomo) our greatest Prime Minister ever but he’s also one of the greatest cooks in the country. He doesn’t let us Aussies down without chucking a photo of himself cooking a mad dog meal.

Here are some of our favourite images of our great and mighty PM Scott Morrison cooking

The Three Bean Lamb Curry

Who could forget the legendary 3 bean lamb curry that Scomo showed us that time. What a bloody treat! Delicious!

The Fry Pan on a Barbie

You can’t get more Aussie than cooking onions on a fry pan on a barbie! What a legend! Delicious!

The Chook Curry

How Aussie is that? A Chook curry! Not only does he cook an iconic Aussie meal but he also gives the catering crew a break and he cooks himself. What a noble man! Delicious!

The Barramundi Barbie Curry

Mate, this bloke is probably has birthmarks of the Southern Cross on his back. True Aussie spirit is with the bloke. Delicious!

The Aussie Lamb Curry

Sam Kekovich will be proud of this one. Not only does our PM wave the flag of our iconic cuisine, but he also takes the time to give us an over the shoulder look at his industrial as fuck man kitchen.

The Great Aussie Damper Dingles

It was July 2021 and Australia was feeling blue about being in lockdown and lack of Playstation 5 availability. Scomo came through with this knocker of a photo that cheered on the Aussie spirit. Nothing is more Aussie than cooking Great Aussie Damper Dingles. Delicious!

Roo Dung Spag Bal

Nothing is more Aussie than eating the shit form your national icon. Delicous!

Aussie Egg Barbie

This is the most Aussie as fuck iconic photo. You’ve got a barbie, eggs, coffee, a footy jersey, a truckers cap and a beer gut. Aussie as fuck. Delicious!

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