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Don’t look left!

Don't look left

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Don’t look left!

‘Don’t Look Up’ is another crazy movie by the left pushing their communist ideologies by claiming a comet is going to destroy the earth. A far fetched film with no reality and it’s just plain crazy. Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace is more believable than this.

The film starts with a crazy scientists crying about a comet hitting the earth, which is just stupid because throughout human history there’s never been a comet that’s destroyed the earth before so why the fear of one hitting us now?

Because the left don’t want you to consume and enjoy the latest PS5 games or the latest burger from McDonalds. They want you to stay in your home and grow an indoor plant and meditate. Not on my book, Lefists!

This is what the left want, they want the earth destroyed. This is shown at the end where the protagonist leftists are all very happy with the end of the world whilst they sip their cafe wine lates and hold hands like in a hippy commune. At the same time, the other people in the world are trying to save it! Like the president, the presidents son and Peter.

Do yourself a favour, Don’t look left!

0 stars.

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